I did a thing

I agreed reluctantly, but once the call started KittensAndUnicorns and Arctic16 made it very easy and very comfortable, right away. I’m posting the link here because Kittens has a number of podcast interviews with different commenters if you’re interested in hearing any of them. And if you have a chance to join one of… »Yesterday 9:38am11/25/15 9:38am

Lamb Congee (imagine a savory rice porridge and you're pretty much there)

Sorry I’ve been away a while, things are kinda nutty at Casa Butt Pocket these days. Also, I counted recently and I’ve posted about 30 recipes on here over the last few years and even while there are some I rarely, if ever, use anymore; that’s a pretty solid repertoire to play with and alter in subtle ways that don’t… »Yesterday 7:08am11/25/15 7:08am

Amazon pays to put Nazi symbols on NYC subway.

Via As part of the promotional campaign for the Web-only program, Amazon decorated the 42nd Street shuttle running between Times Square and Grand Central with Nazi regalia. Train seats on one side of the subway car feature the stylized fascist version of the Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle) prominently used in… »Monday 10:46pm11/23/15 10:46pm

Do you really want to know?

A few years ago AJ or Nick Denton or some iteration of bad man made a comment disparaging the livejournal nature of a lot of the comments, with Crosstalk posts held as an example. This was, of course, before the mass exodus to Clashtalk, where the majority of “internet friends” settled. Some of us stayed behind, some… »11/19/15 8:54am11/19/15 8:54am

Jesus Christ, you need to read this story (Jesus doesn't, you do)

Later, I learned that the Santa Monica Police Department had dispatched 19 officers after one of my neighbors reported a burglary at my apartment. It didn’t matter that I told the cops I’d lived there for seven months, told them about the locksmith, offered to show a receipt for his services and my ID. It didn’t… »11/18/15 9:57am11/18/15 9:57am