Media co's and Mississippi AG appear to have conspired against Google

This story, if true, is amazing. The MPAA and other large media companies wanted to sue Google for delivering search results that might include copyrighted material. But since they didn’t think their odds were too good in the courts, they conspired with the MS Attorney General to bash Google and tell investors the… » 7/27/15 11:30am Monday 11:30am

He executed raids in Iraq. Then he woke up to police raiding his home

This is a great article / op-ed from the WaPo on how police behave when presented with the slightest piece of flimsy evidence for a potential minor offense. They turn into Navy commandos, looking to kill someone who has committed no crime at the slightest provocation:https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/in-ir... » 7/26/15 11:51pm Sunday 11:51pm

Changes to Gawker coming on Monday?

According to a staffer in attendance, Denton initially said that the new version of the site should be “20 percent nicer” than the old one. Perhaps finding this too ambitious, he later downgraded his expectations, telling the staff that the new version of the site should be “10 to 15 percent” nicer than the old one. » 7/24/15 8:37am Friday 8:37am