Longread #2: Great W.Post piece on a NOLA family relocated to Nebraska

This is just a terrific piece of work. This family’s home was destroyed in Katrina, and FEMA asked them if they wanted to be moved to a town they’d never heard of in Nebraska, a state they’d never thought about. They are welcomed at first. Then, not so much. Some of the family members thrive in their new home in the… »8/29/15 11:58pm8/29/15 11:58pm

Longread #1: HuffPo on Dupont's despicable behavior in a WV town

You think you already have a low opinion of chemical companies that pollute the land and water and then do everything they can to skate, and leave behind poisons that will linger for decades? Not yet you don’t. Not until you read this article on Huffington Post, maybe the best thing I’ve ever read on that site (almost… »8/29/15 11:52pm8/29/15 11:52pm

Christie & Cuomo, both trying to make sure the Hudson River tunnels fail

“I don’t really know what’s it going to take,” says Susanna Einstein of South Orange, N.J. “I feel like, is it going to be like a tunnel collapse or something? What’s going to happen to make people actually ... speed up the process?”http://www.npr.org/2015/08/23/434... »8/24/15 4:11pm8/24/15 4:11pm