13-year old surfer is also chill shark attack survivor

Kira-Belle Olsson not only has an outstanding name, she's also an Australian surfer who was badly bitten by a shark. Not lost-her-arm bad, but bad enough. And yet, she exhibits a wisdom that most of us would find hard to conjure after being bitten a few times by a shark (note, some of the images at the linked story… » 10/21/14 12:05am Yesterday 12:05am

Prospective Governor Will Save Kids From Pool Accidents

Being a liberal state, California rarely gets WTF ads. But I saw this on my TV the other day and did a double take. This is just a strange ad. It's from Neel Kashkari, the Republican challenger to Gov. Jerry Brown. Kashkari is not your typical candidate, as that's his main selling point. He spent a week pretending to… » 10/18/14 12:12am Saturday 12:12am

A Cross Country Tour Of Offensive Haunted Houses

During Halloween, the seasonal outrage du jour usually centers on the sale of ridiculously over-sexualized costumes. But this Halloween, that Sassy Rick Grimes outfit hanging in the local Spirit Store is going to have some competition. » 10/16/14 10:15pm Thursday 10:15pm