Guilty For Saving My Wife's Life

"If you had any compassion you'd let me kill myself." "I'm dialing 911." Wednesday was hard, but the guilt today is crushing. I love wife, I try to be compassionate, I just don't really disagree with her. Let me be clear, my wife has had years of chronic, deep depression mixed with anxiety and flavored with a healthy… » 3/19/15 5:47pm 3/19/15 5:47pm

My Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobe English Teacher

There's a HUGE brouhaha raging in my hometown right now because the principal of my high school "let" the black kids have an all-black assembly to discuss Ferguson, Eric Garner and Black Lives Matter during the last few days of Black History Month.

In a mostly white community, it is not going well. But the straight,… » 3/18/15 2:33am 3/18/15 2:33am

Anna Atkins: today's Google doodle

Anna Atkins (née Children; 16 March 1799 – 9 June 1871[1]) was an English botanist and photographer. She is often considered the first person to publish a book illustrated with photographic images.[2][3][4] Some sources claim that she was the first woman to create a photograph.

» 3/16/15 10:11am 3/16/15 10:11am

Job Seeking While Fa-fa-fat.

I've briefly considered printing my resume on one of those Hallmark cards that plays a tune: Baby Elephant Walk, but that's impractical, like the male orgasm —it's too in your face. I have some pretty good job experience, I write okay cover letters and resumes, and I pass the base level of qualifications when I apply… » 3/15/15 11:18pm 3/15/15 11:18pm

Should Gawker Publish Mugshots?

This website frequently features the mugshots of people who have allegedly committed crimes. Nearly all of these individuals, at the time our posts go up, have not been convicted of any wrongdoing. Still, their mugshots are readily available, so we publish them. But should we? » 3/12/15 12:57am 3/12/15 12:57am

Remember the glee some ppl took in those Guardian posts about Whisper?

It was a shit story on day one, and that was obvious to anyone who understands the web, technology, and mobile apps at even a basic level. Their claims that Whisper was storing location information for users who thought they were anonymized were childish, and their insistence that Whisper changed its Ts & Cs as a… » 3/12/15 12:07am 3/12/15 12:07am