What the Court's Ruling on Affirmative Action Means for Students of…

Today the Supreme Court upheld the voter-backed Michigan law that bans affirmative action in Michigan. This particular case focused on the use of Affirmative Action for college admissions in the State of Michigan. What the court essentially said was that it was NOT unconstitutional for a state to decide if it could… » 4/22/14 10:55pm Yesterday 10:55pm

Connecticut Woman Corners Lieutenant on Gun Rights, Makes Herself a…

A recorded phone call made the rounds of conservative blogs back in February featuring a woman going toe-to-toe on gun rights with a "sworn peace officer" on what exactly would happen if Connecticut cops did the unconscionable act of upholding Connecticut state law. So-called Guerilla Girl Ashley duked it out… » 4/22/14 10:22pm Yesterday 10:22pm

Chicken and Peas Risotto

MyPrettyFloralBonnet was kind enough to grant me privileges, so I figured I'd share what I made last night. I'm not a very technical cook when it comes to throwing things together to make something. (I'm far more technical and precise when following someone else's recipe). That said, I'll try to get as specific as I… » 4/22/14 9:07pm Yesterday 9:07pm

Welcome to Room for Seconds, a new food and cooking blog!

Room for Seconds is a group blog where the food lovers of the Kinjaverse can come together to share recipes, ask for advice, write restaurant reviews, and more. This is a space for everyone from professional chefs to the person who just now figured out how to get their stove to work. All are welcome, as long as you… » 4/22/14 6:48pm Yesterday 6:48pm