This is post Kinja 2.0. Of course there were other comments so long ago, but they don't matter anymore, like so many petals on the wind.

Ignored: These were my first posts on Kinja. Comments? Page Views? OH WHO WOULD EVER CARE ABOUT OLD SNACK. The one about Gen X, I posted something similar later and it got mainpaged on Jezebel. I WAS BRIEFLY A SHINING STAR!

Confessional: Then I decided to use Kinja properly. Let me talk about my feelings. For me, I have two emotions: Angry and anxious. Also asleep. That's three.

Neurotic: Guys, Look I know stuff and I feel things. Let me entertain you with random things about my life. Guys, do you like me? DO YOU LIKE ME? DO YOU LIKE ME?

DRUNK WITH POWER: Feeling some commenter power! FEELING LIKE PEOPLE LIKE ME! BOW DOWN to YOUR NEW GOD. Snack creates snack franchises like Friday night dance party and Group Prude. I'm gonna be a name brand, LIKE TIC TACS!


Hungry: I like writing about food. That's a whole part of my evolution when I became angry cobra ingesting an entire egg.

Cat: I feel cat.

Serious Hat: Othertimes, I am serious and thoughtful, like Edward R Murrow, which makes me wish I had a cigarette.

As of late, I have entered into my final form: Mildly incoherent. I'm gonna buy me a wacky hat and some buttons and start making funny noises.

If you plan on making your own retrospective, please use the retrospective tag!