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(EDIT: I guess this is all old news to some.(RE-EDIT: Oh my God what rabbit-hole of awfulness is this?)) ...Ponders Anna Breslaw(pictured), who's in charge of Jezebel's weekend beat, and who also wrote:

Breaking Bad Karma

How the cancer victim at the center of the AMC series justifies my skepticism of Holocaust survivors.


Yeah, maybe I'll be getting my updates in the Veronica Mars movie from somewhere else from now on. The whole article is example of how one can overcome the obstacle of being barely literate by using big words - and of the worst type of "controversial" clickbait column:

"Being a man of science, Walt doesn’t have Améry’s impulse to question his gut instincts and realize they’re his direct emotional response to what he’s gone through. All he has is indignation at the memory of his illness and the determination to flip the script: He suffered, now others will suffer. Walt and Breaking Bad express one of our most inherent psychological fallacies: the ability to do any number of consciously reprehensible things while persisting in considering ourselves the protagonist at all times."

There are people who can write intelligent text while covering both popular culture and serious subjects at the same time, some of whom I disagree with at a fundamental level on many subjects. Breslaw is a different type of creature (or possibly an Artificial Intelligence program), one whose writing I won't be subjecting myself to on purpose.