Following @Snack and @Ghost's lead, I thought that I'd do my own retrospective as I stream a little TV. As you might expect, there are a lot of Kinja and Crosstalk tagged posts in my history, as both the system and forum has developed.

Along those lines, my first Crosstalk post was a "Roll Call" for the other beta members, who were asked to help test the system and get content in place, so that people wouldn't be walking into an empty place. It was the second Crosstalk Kinja post. @MamaMiaItsaMea was first.

Prior to the Crosstalk beta, I had been posting to Clashtalk which had been formed courtesy of a software glitch, where I posted things like Ursula Martinez doing the "Hanky Panky" (NSFW). I had also previously been given author status on the ObservationDeck, where my first post — the first post I ever wrote on Kinja — was a link to Google Books preview of The Encyclopedia of Lawmen, Outlaws & Gunfighters by Leon Metz and I posted things like an old MCI commercial starring the "Friends & Family" of Star Trek.

To this day, I still post things to the ObservationDeck and the other communities, things I don't always mirror on Crosstalk. For example another of my early Odeck posts was about a UFO sighting in Louisiana, a subject which I've gotten close to again with a report of a massive fireball over Iowa. While to WhiteNoise, I've done things like point toward the Google Doodle.

One thing I've occasionally done here on Crosstalk is generate a post where I express an opinion, then tweet it out to someone mentioned, so they'll hear what I said. One example of this was my retopping of Neetzan's "Selfies at a Funeral" post, which most likely based upon the Tumblr's response, may have helped him decide to blur the kids' social media names. I also did that in response to a radio program about internet commenting because that's a subject I've covered on all of my blogs and in hundreds of comments to others over the past ten years.

This is somewhat similar to when I've expanded upon or carried over comments to here, or where I've used this space to say something about something on one of the ad-supported blogs.

Also, I've occasionally posted about is music and the products which have come from it.

Movies and television have been mentioned, along with Gracie Allen and Blaze Starr.

There have also been lots of little news stories, some of which have been mainpaged and others which they have gotten around to covering in their own sweet time.