Spoilers below, obvs.

Sooooo . . . . does anyone know how going public and mergers and whatnot work? Are Pete and Joan equal partners with Roger, Don, and the old guy (what the hell is his name?)? Can Pete, Joan, and old guy decide to go public without even telling Don and Roger? Now that CGC and SCDP are merging, will the public offering continue as planned? Won't that put the kibosh on it? The due diligence guy liked SCDP's numbers, but after they find out about Mr. Pancreatic Cancer, I'm sure CGC won't look so good. Don's name will be mud.

In other drama, I was totally rooting for Joan when she told off Don. I thought the going public scheme was kind of underhanded, but she's right, he does shit all the time that affects the company and they just have to hope it all turns out right. I don't even want to get into the whole prostitution-for-partnership thing because that entire deal was sordid and not (in my opinion) something Joan would do, especially with the likes of Pete suggesting it.

Your thoughts?