After reading nothing but news stories about the Boston Bomber, Zimmerman, the NSA, and being called a mass killer lover by a commenter, I want to lighten my mood a bit. What's your biggest pet peeve?

My Top 5 (in no particular order)

1. Loud cell conversations on public

transit. (It's a finite space, I can't just

get up to leave, and ignore how you

caught your man cheating on you)

2. People who refuse to pick up their pet


3. Unruly, unattended kids (It's not my

fault my shopping cart rammed your

little Timmy in the face, get your

damn kids under control!).

4. Public spitting.

5. Unattended pets (I'm sorry, but your "he's friendly, he doesn't bite" does not reassure me)

ETA: Honorable mentions are:

Facebook Christians- You're not fooling anyone by posting your "Bible Verse of The Day". Your entire friend's list know you smoke more dope than Whitney & Bobby at a Crack Tag Sale.


Public spitting- It literally makes me want to dry heave. So disgusting I had to mention it again.

Use of the word literally- Valley girls ruined it for us.

Your turn.