I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been pretty scarce for the past couple of weeks because the family and I have been on a big round-robin of a driving vacation. (Google says from destination to destination, following the route we did, we covered 3,248 miles and if that's correct, then my odometer says we did another six hundred in sightseeing, daytrips, missing a turn and shopping along the way)

Thanks to Steve, Ernie, Greg and anyone else within Gawker Media who helped keep an eye on the place. I probably averaged checking-in and reading Crosstalk (along with some other communities) every two days or so, while my reading of the ad-supported blogs has really suffered and I'm not even going to try to catch-up. (There's just so many hours in the day and while I had also planned to do some actual work on this trip, especially during one or two of the segments, I really didn't get much done beyond keeping up with my emails. I'd usually check my notifications and Crosstalk at that time)

While I was gone, I believe that I kept up with the posting access requests for the most part — I know there's at least one which I missed because it didn't come at the most opportune time, but I'll go back through my notifications and hopefully will get them added tonight. Because of the time restraints, I've also not put out a call for posters, while I was away.


If anyone would like to help me procrastinate while I'm supposed to be figuring out where my most recent project is and what needs to be done... you can ask for posting access here and if anyone is interested in my vacation, I've got a couple of non-specific things that I may post about in the coming days, but basically... we went along the edge of Lake Erie, through the Adirondacks, up around the top of Lake Champlain, out to Acadia, down to Lake Winnipesaukee, then spent a couple of days with the in-laws in southern Mass. On the way home, we toured Gettysburg, sped through West Virginia and stopped by Lincoln's birthplace in western Kentucky for an hour or two.