Gawker, and a couple sister sites did various write-ups on different ways to beat the heatwave. Ideas ranged from DIY A/C's, to using box fans in windows. While the last idea is feasible, most (like the DIY A/C) were not.

I noticed a couple commenters recommended using foil as a reflector/deflector on your house windows. They said it was ugly, but it did the trick.


I use car window reflectors every summer with great results. I would assume one would have the same results with the aluminum window hack, but I'm a bit suspicious about it actually working because of the house/car size difference.

My question is, have any of you Crosstalkers actually tried this Lifehack? If so, did it make a noticeable difference? Also, and ideas on ways to beat the himidity? Last week was so humid that my aptartment felt like an indoor pool.

FYI, This may be an obvious suggestion to most, but I'll mention I anyway.

Umbrellas. Umbrellas. Umbrellas.

They work great when the sun is just murder on your skin. I only have a black golf umbrella, so I'm not sure if color makes a difference. At the suggestion of a fellow commenter I'm changing over to a parasol. They are much lighter than heavy metal umbrella's. Just placed my order. Hopefully it's worth the 12 bucks.


Some of you may be reluctant to try umbrella's/parasol out of fear of looking like an idiot. If any strangers wanna give you grief for wussying out. Just tell them Shygurl said to "F—k off, I'm hot as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"