I spotted this image on one of the Crasstalk open threads and was so intrigued, I did a quick search and found the photographer's site, which led to Image, Deconstructed with the entire sequence of pics.

From all three sites:

The Caribbean island of St. Maarten is the home of the famous Princess Juliana International Airport. Plane spotters come from all over the world to witness the low flying aircraft. At only 7,980 feet, the runway is barely long enough for large jets to land. Incoming airliners approaching the island, must touchdown at the very beginning of the runway which is just past the beach. This means they have to fly extremely low, passing only 30-60 feet over tourists on Maho Beach.

And an aerial view of the runway, via the "deconstructed" site:

When I was a kid, my father used to joke that whenever we'd pass under a train on a bridge, we all needed to cover our heads. I really don't know what he'd suggest, here.