Kinja may not be displaying fancy tweets in comments at this time, but that shouldn't stop us from creating a regular repository for any interesting tweets we might find. This is similar to Jezebel's TweetBeat in concept, except it comes from us and by putting each tweet in an individual thread, they can become conversations of their own.

To embed a tweet, select the "more" in any tweet's individual menubar, choose "embed", then copy and paste the code into a comment. When submitted, it will first display the code, so you'll have to hit "edit", then submit the tweet again for Kinja to interpret the HTML.

Programming Note: If there is interest from the community, I will schedule a commonly-tagged post to go live every morning and though this isn't a contest, replies and recommends could effect the order as if they're +1s.

Feel free to submit any interesting, funny or enlightening tweets, below.