On April 3rd, I filed a help ticket with Twitter. For some reason the little description boxes on their list edit interface quit working properly. It had been that you could edit the description box contents, then hit "save", but sometime late on the 2nd, the "save" button would no longer light.

After a few hours of occasionally trying, I filed the help ticket and though I'm not submitting another one now, I'm pretty sure the result page said that someone from their support department would respond to my request within a few days.

Immediately after submitting, I received an auto-reply via email which offered a bunch of help links, even though you can't really submit a help ticket without going through help and it said that if none of those resolved it and if I wanted them to work on my ticket, I should reply.


In the meantime because I couldn't wait a few days, though I apparently didn't tag it and it's not coming up via a search, I posted to ObservationDeck, where two very helpful members found that if you add or subtract an empty space behind the list name, the save button would light and while saving the name change, it would also save the description box.

In other words, I didn't really need their help any longer, but it was a functionality change, which I had tweeted toward @support to no response and for which I had submitted a ticket, so I replied again to their email ticket with a follow-up.

Yesterday, twenty-one days after my initial report, I received another email from Twitter Support which apologized for not yet getting to my ticket and once again, it said that if I still needed help, I should reply and if I don't, I should ignore.


Well because I had a functional workaround, I didn't get around to replying and apparently twenty-four hours later, my ticket was closed. This generated a one-question survey asking whether I was was satisfied with the performance of Twitter Support.