God,I was hilarious

This is my burner where I pretended to be Finnish and would make a lot of random European references:

Surely, you've seen the Loituma girl's leek based blasphemic use of the Ievan Polkka. For the great folks of Finland, it's practically a national crisis. Damn you , Leeks. You are the most destructive of the onion family.

He has the dreamy transcendence of a milkmaiden from Kankaanpää right after the first goat milking of the Spring.Exactly.

You are like a Hungarian in a Scandinavian Knife Fight.

You act like a Norwegian with all your herring and your truth dodging. I'm disgusted. Good day, Ma'am. GOOD. DAY.

Your criticism of her hair makes you literally Hitler. Literally. Hitler. I don't think she'll ever recover from your withering criticism. You are treating her like a Dane in Sweden.

She has the dark magnetic eyes of Meri Hackzell, the great Finnish film star. She is thinking, "I'd never go to bed with a Swede." Damn Swedes. Always hanging out and being Swedish.

They should have photoshopped grumpy cat into the picture. That or my grandmother's Vispipuuro . I mean, it's the best inside or outside of Helsinki. Eating one of those even makes a Swede seem tolerable.