John temporarily featured Hamilton's coverage of last year's White House Correspondent's Dinner on Gawker Friday afternoon, which prompted some on Clashtalk to say good things about him, so I decided to pull up the old video of Hamilton addressing the 2009 Gelf Magazine Media Circus forum. This was back when he was still known as Gawker's media correspondent, before he moved mostly to other things for a year.

(His appearance is actually divided into two parts, but the first three minutes of Part One is a knock-off of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell" without him and sometime after Part Two, he participated in a Q&A with other members of the panel, which is in three parts on this index page.)


(Also, you should be cautioned that for some inexplicable reason, Veoh puts an auto-playing video ad in a separate box from their auto-playing featured video. Though if you hit the mute and pause on it, plus stay pretty diligent, it will just be a big pain and not a total disaster)

Because I remembered the Veoh site being so bad, I first looked to see if there was a Youtube archive, which led me to the following WTF from Bucky Turco's channel (Animal: New York). Unfortunately Hamilton's speech is still not on Youtube, but Gelf Magazine's channel does have some of the other speakers and a total of six parts featuring Drew Magary and Will Leitch.

Oh and in case you're worried, HamNo tweeted on March 29th that he was going on sabbatical for the month of April and the other day, he said to email him in May.

Though who knows, he may come back to primarily Deadspin.