So a friend of mine who is halfway thorough a degree in a very in demand profession locally told me yesterday that in the aftermath of a bad breakup she was transferring back home to a small city where her parents live in the same school system to finish it.

I, well, I more or less told her she was being an idiot, that the next two years here finishing her degree would be incredibly important to securing a job, that the personal, professional and school connections here are going to be staggeringly important and that throwing them away is close to professional suicide.

I feel like such an ass, she obviously didn't react well to it but at the same time I feel that it is my duty as a friend to tell her she is making a huge mistake, pretty much objectively. At the same time it feels selfish and controlling and like I am treating her like a child. I wrote her a text today an apologized, said I was an ass and that she is the only person qualified to make that kind of decision and I respect her and she accepted it so I am going to pretend this never happened but at the same time I feel like however I came off I'm still right, that this is going to hurt her majorly career wise and it would be negligent as a friend for me not to have brought it up. I'm I wrong?