I'm sorry. But I still can't get this wet vs dry debate out my head. As you can see here things got a little heated. http://gawker.com/i-use-wet-wipe…. Who knew passions ran this deep with the cleanliness of our bums.

While watching Sex & The City reruns, I came across a new Cottonelle commercial. The commercial is about their new line of wet wipes for your bum. I'm guessing Cottonelle used a British lady to class up the ass-wiping topic a bit.

While Googling a copy of the commercial to post here, I came across an interesting book review on a book titled "The Bathroom". From what I can tell by a quick skim of the article (but I could wrong), the book is about bathroom architecture, and why Americans have such an aversion to using bidets.

Here's a jucy excerpt:

"... cites a study of British men that found that nine percent were not wearing underpants and 44 percent "revealed fecal contamination of their underpants or trousers, ranging from 'wasp-coloured staining' to 'frank massive faeces'." I see it as another compelling argument for the pro-wet crowd.


The "hang over" vs "hang under" crowd...that debate, that'll never be solved, it's a lost cause (and I dare anyone tell me "hang over" is the only way to go...I...DARE…you). But I still continue to believe there's still hope for conversions to to wet side.

"The Bathroom" book review:

Cottonelle Commercial: