Beejoli's joke about Lindsay Lohan being the first relevant child star she recalls, prompted me to invoke Jodie Foster in a reply to someone suggesting the Olsen twins. Because I had a couple of minutes and wondered if there was an easy way to list her Disney films, I pulled-up her IMDB.

While there, I went out the Tom Sawyer link to see if it was from Disney — it's not — but the photo on the box was kind of cute. I hardly recognized her with the ribbons in her hair and of course because I'm of a certain age, I decided to look at Johnny Whitaker to see if he's still working. As I was reading his IMDB bio, I learned that in Tom Sawyer, he gave Jodie Foster her first on-screen kiss.

Below is somebody's bootleg of a forty-nine second scene and a three minute trailer for the 1973 film. I believe are both worth a viewing because though she never faces the camera, Ms. Foster's part is a little larger in the clip and I think the marketing pitch used in the trailer is worth note, as is the fact that the film is a musical and the trailer includes the kiss.

If anyone's appetite is only whetted and would like more, the film is available to buy or rent.