Interesting question emerging on twitter: After Newtown, the NRA was pushing hard for teachers to carry guns. And all the gun apologists were falling all over themselves to say the NRA wasn't a racist organization and would push for the exact same thing if a shooting happened that involved black victims.

Okay, but why isn't Wayne LaPierre out on the Sunday tell shows making speeches about how all black teenagers should have easier access to guns to defend themselves against people following them around at night?

Too bad Bob Schieffer is too busy saying the gridlock in Congress is equally the fault of both sides, and that David Gregory is a complete imbecile. It would be nice to see someone ask the NRA if they advocate the distribution of guns to all black men in Florida between the ages of 17 and 25. Well, it would be entertaining to watch the answer as it dropped out of LaPierre's mouth like shards of broken teeth.


It's a bad idea, obviously, but I would at least respect them for consistency if the NRA adopted this bad idea alongside the 'arm all teachers' and 'arm all movie theater ushers' ideas they were pushing for earlier in the year.