I've been streaming WFPK (Louisville) this afternoon for background music and the fellow who was substituting for someone else, right before they went to "The World Cafe", mistakenly played the non-radio version of Lennon's "Working Class Hero" with the f-word.

Suddenly, right after the first instance, the song abruptly stopped and after a second, another one started. Then, the fellow apologized to anyone who was offended and as he was signing-off, there were enough comments about how he hoped he'd be back for his regular show and thanking those who had called with words of support, it sounds like there had been complaints.

I've never lived in Louisville, but WFPK is one of my favorite radio stations on the web. I wouldn't have thought about it before his sign-off, but I've sent my own supportive email.

The hour or two he hosted was a good show.