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1. Has it always been that people don't know how to form plurals, or is it a more recent thing? Seeing a LOT of p'unctuational dud's.

2. Found a huge cockroach in my kitchen last night, sprayed it with Clorox Clean-Up, then doused it in Comet—twelve hours later, cockroach still dancing upside down in toxic powder like it was a novelty bubble bath. Buried in boric acid, can't see him now but expect he's still down there, taunting me. Please advise. Camera battery charging; will post corpse later.


3. FUCK my neighbor. My joy in life is an amazing greenhousey patio I have grown from a nub, and two days ago my neighbor backed up and destroyed several plants and ceramic pots with a huge clatter that even the upstairs woman heard. And just took off, leaving them sprawled (there's a whole, large, regulation space for backing up). I've cared for her cat about 8 times and never asked for anything, so I'm resentful and have no idea what to do, plus I cannot afford conflict and we're a very small building. I was waiting, thinking she'd talk to me. I'm really bad at adult communication so my only idea is to stare really meaningfully through the wall. Please advise. She's not awful except for this inconsiderate shit, and we absolutely have to remain in harmony.