South Carolina Sheriff Refused to Lower the Flag for Mandela Today

A South Carolina sheriff laid down his law, refusing to follow President Obama's order that all flags be lowered to half-staff today to honor Nelson Mandela. Sheriff Rick Clark had lowered the flag over the weekend to honor a fallen local police officer, but raised it again on Monday morning in defiance of the order.

SC Sheriff Will Not Lower Flag for Mandela

Rick Clark, the elected Sheriff of Pickens County South Carolina announced on Facebook Friday that he will not comply with President Obama's request to lower the flag outside his office to honor former South African President Nelson Mandela, saying that though "Mandela did great things for his country and was a brave man", "he was not an AMERICAN!!!"


In interviews, Clark has said that he would have made the same decision, if he had been in office when President Bush asked for flags to be lowered for Pope John Paul. Pickens County officials have said that Clark can do as he wishes with the flag in front of his office, but other county flags will remain at half-staff.

(Photo courtesy of Pickens County Sheriff's Office)

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