The Machine, the New York Times writes in an article published called Secret Society Dips Toe in City Politics, Prompting Lawsuit, is "a secret society representing a league of select and almost exclusively white fraternities and sororities, which has been around for a century or more. Once a breeding ground for state political leaders, the Machine (it has long been known by that nickname) today maintains a solid hold on student government through an effective, and critics say coercive, brand of old-fashioned organization politics."

However, that Machine(which I might add includes some of those sororities that have been talked about recently) has spread over to local politics and that is alarming. The machine has allowed 26 year-old Carson Kirby to win a spot on the school board and that is without even ever attending a school board meeting before campaigning.

According to New York Times,

His opponent, Kelly Horwitz, filed suit this month, claiming that many of the voters were ineligible, including 11 unrelated people who listed the same residence — a small, single-family house near the football stadium. The university president, Judy L. Bonner, said in a statement that after “the courts and appropriate state and/or local agencies have completed their investigation,” the university might conduct its own inquiry.

The article goes into more depth but I want to let you guys read it and know your opinions before posting mine.(Cause mine is lengthy and you might say it way better than me.)


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