Dear Grammar Nazis:

Language is a natural thing. It doesn't come from books. Actually, quite the opposite: formalized grammar, dictionaries, etc, are an attempt to describe natural language, aka, language as it is spoken and written. When a word gains popular usage, even an incorrect or redundant word such as "preventative," it gets added in and becomes correct. That brings me to my point:


SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IRREGARDLESS. No, seriously, shut up about it. Every time someone uses it in a post, a hundred kinjitsu masters have to jump up and down and throw a fit because irregardless isn't a word it's redundant and you sound soooooo stupid blah blah blah.

I get it. You love feeling superior. You said irregardless once and everyone jumped on you and now it's your turn to be the big man on the internet. Great. But seriously, shut the fuck up about it. Do you yell at people who unravel a string? Do you have anal leakage whenever someone debones a fish? Because really, "ravel" and "bone" are the words you're looking for, the un and de being misplaced and redundant prefixes, much like the ir in irregardless. But you don't care, because they aren't some internet "thing," the way irregardless is for some reason.

So anyway, stop freaking out about irregardless. Everyone knows what the damn word means.