Lets get started.


(New York)

This is one dude's effort at recreating 60s psych garage/pop. He has also made some rap mixtapes. Greatest hits is another artist on this label who cuts up 80s hiphop breaks.


(Portland, Oregon)

This label caters to the drone/ambient/chillwave set. As expected from Portlandians, they specialize in 'handcrafted' tapes. Their sound is also rooted in hiphop.



This is a vaporwave label. nuff said.


(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

This label is host to experimental ambient artists rooted in the folktronic (guitar/laptop) genre.


(Asheville, North Carolina)

This label focuses on tapes. They host mostly experimental bands whose sound ranges from coldwave to noise. There are two exceptions. Greenscreen plays around with 80s synths while Bary Center is pure ambient techno.


(DAP STATION, Colorado)

As can be estimated from the name and location, this label has been churning out a ton of stoner beats.


(Pittsburgh, Pensylvania)

This label hosts old school IDM/glitch-type chillout music with all the outer space imagery we have come to miss.


(Southington, Conneticut)

This label is home to wonkier, experimental hip hop producers. The only Lo-fi band here is Terrorball and they serve as a nice counterpoint to the rest of the label.



Another label which focuses on well produced hiphop instrumentals. I've shared two of the recent EPs which caught my ear and a rap mixtape.



Some britishers have decided to rebel against their weather and join the sunny, lo-fi psych movement. This label makes its connection to drugs explicit. Every album is linked to a molecule synthesized by Shulgin.


(Somewhere in US?)

Just by placement, you would have realized this is the most promising label of them all. It doesn't cater to some genre niche but instead draws in all kinds of performers with the commom property of being psych-damaged. My favourite group is Body Cheetah but I am sure you will find something else to love.