There are some subjects that prompt and do not prompt interesting discussion in gawker. Please list some of your thoughts.

Personally, I've rarely read a discussion about religion—any permutation or any angle or even someone mentioning their belief system—that doesn't devolve into how stupid religious people are and how uniformly evil religion is while all the while patting themselves on the back about their awesome critical thinking skills.


I avoid those threads at this point. There is actually very little critical thinking or insight and it's so anti-intellectual and black and white. Usually, it involves people making shallow analyses of history and world affairs, cherry picking and not even bothering to look about how their own beliefs might create bias in how they look at the causes of global conflict. And so often, it's just not interesting. I mean, Jesus, they usually haven't thought through the function of religion in our society in any substantial way—both positively and negatively and even more so, just as an institution and a reflection of certain social values. It's just so aggravating.