Helping a friend who is irate does not mean taking her side in an argument against another. This only adds fuel to the fire and reinforces, not reduces, her anger. A real friend is one who assists the other person in examing and calming her emotions. Thus, to help our friends when they are upset, we should listen with acceptance, ask questions, and offer observation that will help them to reflect on the situation in a different way. ~ Thubton Chodron


Sexual misbehavior has broken so many families. There has been so much suffering because people do not practice sexual responsibility. A child who is sexually abused will suffer his or her whole life. Those who have been sexually abused have the capacity to become bodhisattvas, helping many children. Your mind of love can transform from your own grief and pain, and you can share your insight with others. This is right action, and it frees you and those around you. When you practice to help others around you, at the same time, you are helping yourself. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Some people think that acceptance means not trying to change the situation and fear that such an attitude could be used to support abuse or oppression. However, this is not the case. Acceptance simply means fully accepting that what is happening now is indeed happening, even if we do not like what it is. We stop fighting the reality of the present moment and let go of our anger. Nevertheless, we can still aspire and work towards improving the situation in the future. In fact, acceptance of the present enables us to think more clearly about effective means for influencing what occurs in the future. ~ Thubten Chodron