The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life surveyed 38,000 Muslims in 39 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe on issues such as Islamic law, religion and acceptance of other faiths. Those results, released Tuesday, were compared with findings of a 2011 Pew survey of Muslims in America and views of American Christians.


According to survey findings, almost two-thirds of U.S. Muslims (63 percent) and U.S. Christians (64 percent) say there is no conflict between religion and modern life. In Africa, Asia and Europe, 54 percent of Muslims share that view.

The Muslims have more freedom here than in the Muslim majority countries they come from. They come here, and they are more secure and more relaxed.

— Hamed Baig, vice president of the Islamic Center of Des Moines

Views of Muslims worldwide were closer on the issue of violence. Most Muslims reject suicide bombings and violence against civilians, the surveys found, including 81 percent of American Muslims and 72 percent of Muslims in Africa, Asia and Europe.

In those continents, researchers found, a large majority of Muslims believe that Islam is the one true faith leading to heaven, and that belief in God is necessary to be a moral person.

In contrast, a majority of U.S. Muslims, 56 percent, say that many religions can lead to heaven. About two-thirds of American Christians and Americans in general share that view. But just 18 percent of Muslims in Africa, Asia and Europe believe that religions other than Islam offer a path to eternal life.…