Jill Duggar becomes a Dillard: A fable

In the balmy days of summer, Jill Duggar decides that she can no longer do only side hugs with Derick Dillard. They pledged to do front hugs forever. And so the pickles were flowing. And the doves flew. And the tater tots were crisped. The Bibles were literally interpreted. And the Aussie Instant Freeze was frozen.…


Duggar Recap: The Big Question

Last week we witnessed the love story take flight as Jill was left in numerous random stores in Nepal while Jim Bob was woo’d by Derick. But the real question is can Jill prevent herself from passionate handholding? Are the sidehugs promising to be increasingly passionate? Let’s see what happens.

Premier of 19 Kids and Counting: Episode Recap

JESSA GOES A COURTIN'! Also, damnit, I bet Anna is pregnant guys. She's pregnant. So, this starts out with the idea that there are more emotions involved about girls courting, as opposed to a men. I mean, really, Josh, whatever? John David? We wish. He seems like he might be a gnome in his little hobby shop. Josiah?…