Nick Denton vs his own writers

There was a HamNo post yesterday about a women who evidently included in an essay about her marriage quite a bit about how unsexy she found her husband. IMHO, it was pretty easy to understand the snarkiness of the piece—"so you are writing in public about how you never really found your husband sexy; that's bound to… » 1/23/14 10:05am 1/23/14 10:05am

Sometimes reading other sites makes me appreciate Gawker

You know, it seems like the writers don't give two shits about internet drama. Maybe I am idealizing things but man, I could write a long extended screed on one of them and probably get a big "meh" in return. And in the end, that makes not want to do it. I don't want to get into specifics about what is going on… » 1/17/14 1:49pm 1/17/14 1:49pm