Hamilton Nolan Pisses on His Best Friends

Just kidding. His best friends are all white ;). Still, as someone who likes to throw ideas like maximum wage and wealth tax into otherwise civil political discussions, I kinda thought we were on the same side. So I’m not sure what to think if his latest piece, “Black People Need to Stay in Their Damn Place.
» 8/11/15 2:33pm 8/11/15 2:33pm

From the Archives: Alex Pareene and the Cheating Spouse

For the record, I’ve always been a fan of Pareene and maybe he and the cheating spouse are still a couple. Once they were outed, Google shows they weren’t very secretive about their relationship and from the sound of their Twitters, they’re still friendly if not together, but recent events caused me to look-up an old… » 7/18/15 3:56am 7/18/15 3:56am