So, Day Two Of The E-Cigarette Experiment.

In which I worry that I've accidentally killed myself.

Woke up and realized that I was running low on fluid in the thing so I decided to try to fill it up. It didn't seem to quite be working but I wasn't sure. So I then tried using it - and instead of inhaling nicotine vapor sucked in the nicotine liquid.

Time for me to say to Rome Girl - we have to fucking go to the e-cig store now and figure out if I've broken the thing/need to go to the doctor/going to die of nicotine poisoning on the way.

We get there and the girl behind the counter fumbles with the thing and soon figures out that I injected the fluid into the wrong end of the thing. She also said doing so had killed the atomizer. Luckily it only costs 9.9 euros for a new atomizer so no harm no foul.

By this point I was feeling seriously high. Like, having just done an entire gram of cocaine one my own high. But, not in a "I'm going to die high."

So, I figured that I'd just not use the device/smoke dried leaves until I didn't feel high any more.

The feeling went away after about two hours, but for the rest of the day every time I did a few drags off of the device is sort of felt like doing a line of cocaine - in a good way.

Did not experiment with trying places that might cause people to act weird, because I felt weird enough on my own.

Verdict: All speed feels pretty much exactly the same when done in enough quantities.

It's 11:30 a.m. Sunday and I have not inhaled the smoke of dried leaves since 11 a.m Friday.