The last Mad Men hit home for me. A little over a year ago I had to abandon my last company that I had been at for 15 years. It was smaller and we were a tight bunch. I miss them desperately. I came to a place that sounded like the perfect fit but... not so much. It’s been a political nightmare. No idea who to trust or which way the wind is blowing (No one seems to trust me). I thought they were bringing my in for my experience but it turns out I’m just here to do it ‘their way’ -which is terribly inefficient. There’s no good communication -everyone is a silo and toes are easy to step on without realizing it. It’s big and clumsy and slow. I’m generally miserable but, they pay me really well which has me hooked in tight. That makes me feel crappy for complaining at all.. god knows it could be much worse. OK enough whining on my part.

I wonder if we’ll ever see Joan again? I suspect the corporate machine will slowly devour one person at a time and we’ll forget to say goodbye because surely they’ll be back once more? Most of all, I’m worried about that leaky window in Don’s office. Has the show’s opening sequence been a precursor to the end game all along?