Top Ten Reasons I Love Snacktastic - An Appreciation Post

10. She accents her post titles with a sprinkle of "fucks". I like that.

9. She loves The Duggars! I don't know who they are, but her posts brings the numbers to Crosstalk. High five for Snacktastic!


8. Brave enough to defend the indefensible!

7. She's committed to pancakes!

6. She's a super smartypants but still has a top-tier sense of humor.

5. She's old like me (though not as old).

4. Fuckin' Dance Parties Man!

3. She knows enough about fancy theorists to write a post like this. (or promises to do it, still waiting Snack...)

2. She can admit when she's wrong.

1. She's empathetic as fuck. I don't need to link to anything to prove that, because you know it's true.

I love Snacktastic.