It has recently come to my attention that I shall be attending an even that the good ole Westboro Baptist Church shall be protesting! Though I don't think it's the first time it is the first time I shall be aware that it's happening.

Basically they're going to be protesting GaymerX (which, they didn't get the name right) because of their usual crap that no one listens to because everyone hates them more than they hate who they're prejudiced against. I think they also protested when my high school did The Laramie Project but I barely remember that and I think they had to be off on a side of the street where they couldn't really be seen. Anyhoo! This time I'm assuming they're going to try to protest out in the open in a city where all of, maybe, 1 pigeon will listen to them. So what to do, what to do.

My plan right now is to ignore them because they'd harsh the vibe if I paid attention to them. Part of me wants to be like those crafty people you see with signs to oppose their signs but I've got enough crap to carry. So if you were at something where these dickbags were, what would you do?


I also feel awful for any kids they bring. While most of them probably aren't even allowed to play games or watch TV, I'd guess they'd probably still want to meet the cosplayers dressed in bright colors and fancy wigs. It breaks my heart that their bigoted parents would prevent them from taking pictures with Mario or Link due to stupidity. Especially after seeing how elated some little kids got when they saw a Princess Bubblegum in a restaurant during the last convention I went to.