This is not a Cumberbatch post. I repeat: This is not a Cumberbatch post. I've only ever seen the guy in that hideous monstrosity of a Star Trek movie but his fandom is turning me off fast. SAFE SPACE! SAFE SPACE! Ok...

I saw both RDJ Sherlock Holmes in the past week: the gay subtext was over the top, yet not text. How do we feel about this; good, bad, indifferent...?


I'm kind of annoyed to be honest. Homoerotic subtext has been around for freaking ever, it's past time to go big or go home, imo. But then again, it's better than the alternative, which I guess is nothing...? Sigh. Also I'm neither gay nor male so I guess my opinion amounts to cheering on the Stealth Liberal Agenda In The Media. Which is why I'm posting, looking for other's opinions on it. Also I'm a little bored and I'm trying to contribute more.