At the moment I'm feeling quite drawn to movies set predominantly in sumptuous rooms, in which people say witty, clever, or pseudo-clever things to each other. You know, the kind of film that seems like it was a play first so they didn't have to do much set design. I'm calling them Drawing Room Movies for obvious reasons. What are your favourites? I'll start!

Six Degrees of Separation

Will Smith's best performance to date, and Stockard Channing is not bad either.

The Dreamers

A visually beautiful film about love and lust and youth and hypocrisy.


Apparently Wilt Stillman is a big influence on Lena Dunham, and you can see it in this film where the young, privileged, young people of Manhattan try to talk their way into a place in the world.

Auntie Mame

One of the most quotable films ever, you beastly, bourgeois, babbity snob! Costumes are absolutely wonderful, and the staircase totally iconic. (As an aside I watched that Twilight-esque film Beautiful Creatures the other day and I see a lot of Mame's staircase in the one in Jeremy Irons' house in the film, I wonder if it was an explicit homage? Although I think it was used for other films I can't remember too)

Cruel Intentions

Less good, obviously than Dangerous Liasons, but a lot of campy fun. It's also more Drawing Room-y.