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Written in Ink
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10 Worst Types of Gawker Comments

I'm not saying I have never been guilty of any of the examples described below. Nevertheless, here they are. Some examples may have been funny (or at least not awful) at some point but have steadily increased in triteness. Some may have always been terrible. In order of awfulness:

10. My anecdotal experience trumps your comment/story.

9. "If only there was a good guy with a [object related to story] there to stop him."


8. Comment about George Zimmerman/"stand your ground" when the story has nothing to do with George Zimmerman or guns.


7. "Is that a thing now?"

6. I don't care about Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, etc., yet I clicked on this story, clicked on discuss, and took the time to write this comment informing everyone how much I don't care.


5. In response to someone who is not quite as far left as you and slightly disagrees with you: Fox News, Benghazi, Obummer, racism, etc., etc.

4. 'Murrica (or any variation thereof)

3. [Bugs Bunny Florida .gif]


2. "In before, blah blah blah…"

1. [Reaction .gif with no comment to go with it.]

Did I forget anything?

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