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History of the Avatar

I just included in a reply a brief history of the avatar that I quickly inserted to represent Crosstalk and said a little more about the image thing, beyond what I said yesterday.


If I were to share the comment, I believe it would be shrunk and where it starts it doesn't really say where it'll end up, so I'm just going to cut and paste the comment, here

It originally showed my avatar and it looks like a header image would need the forum name, so instead of using one of those that I had ready, since it would let me define a forum icon, I used the one that I use for the Crosstalk Twitter. Once things settle and after I've had a bit to experiment, plus we see what others do, I figure we might have a community discussion or something, but because I personally lean toward the minimalist, this could be one way to go.

As for the actual image, it's the same pic that I used on the "join" post and it's from AJ's Encyclopedia Dramatica-like thing, where he said that anyone who commented to it would get banned and though he and Leah would ban a few, it mostly fell to the interns to ban everyone who commented to the post.

I consider the whole incident part of Gawker history and it was a topic of great discussion on the old Crosstalk because a couple of the community's most active members threw themselves on the sacrificial pyre.

ETA: I thought there were two of the "die die my darlings" posts and I see now that it was the first, the one which had a video and not this iconic image, where more Crosstalkers "died" (Comment images are NSFW)

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