A year ago the United States government harangued this brilliant young man into ending his life.

Not only did Aaron Swartz create things we use every day, like Reddit, and sometimes maybe, like RSS, but he was a passionate champion for free access and electronic privacy. He was using his giant brain to do more than create another Facebook and court venture capitalists.

So they were ready to lock him away and throw away the key and bankrupt him and ruin his life. The Feds wouldn't make a deal. Twice.

Finally, exhausted and defeated, he hung himself with a belt from his bedroom window.

And people wonder why William Snowden is on the run?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is remembering Swartz by urging you to contact your congresswipehole to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which among other things allows you to be prosecuted for violating the fine print of a web site. (No kidding? Has anyone read the Kinja fine print? I bet she has stolen our souls! Seriously, someone needs to look into that...)


Do it. Sign the petition and call your congresswipehole. (Don't you love that word I just made up?) We owe the kid that. Fucking A, if that were my son I would have been so proud of him. Actually, we owe his parents and family and friends that.