Written in Ink
Written in Ink

There was a twitter thread today where Nick was saying GM's biggest posts were something like awkward truths and he was proud of them all. Which is fine; he should be. But Matt Buchanan posted a link to this story and asked, is this an awkward truth? So, Nick modified his claim and said their 'proudest' posts were awkward truths. But I had to shake my head and blink and drink some water so I could do a spit-take when I saw the view-count for this story — >15 million. Really? Does JT have a bot that just clicks on stories about him on the Internet? Does Fallon? How could this get 15 million clicks? I mean, it's fine. I'm not criticizing the post itself, I'm just asking how this could possibly generate that much clicking.

And thus ends today's edition of "Tell Me Again: If GramercyPolice Is Such A Fucking Genius, Then Why Doesn't He Run Everything On The Internet?"

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