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Men's dress suits. Let me tell you a thing or two about men's dress suits.

I can only assume that the person who invented the men's dress suit was a well-to-do, important person. Probably the type of person that would himself wear a suit. Then why in the hell did he design the most uncomfortable outfit in the world? Why not invent a suit made of jogging pants and a hooded sweatshirt if you were the one who was going to wear it?!


Hey I have an idea, how about if us fancy people wear long pants, long sleeves, and then a jacket over top of everything. Oh oh and wait, we can also wear tight socks up to our knees. And then, if you aren't uncomfortable enough yet, we will literally tie a piece of fabric around your neck.

No matter how nice of a suit you buy or how much money you spend, it is still a suit. We need to invent a new suit made of jogging pants.


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