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5 Myths about introverts

Well, this is sure to please many of us. According this piece in HuffPo, it turns out that introverts are not less awesome than extroverts! Oh, and people like us better.

I was particularly glad to see that the author, Adam Grant, made the distinction between losing energy to people and getting overstimulated. That is exactly my experience: I get overstimulated very easily and must, must, must retreat. In fact, my personality kind of changes if I don't have processing/ wind-down time.

When I'm overstimulated, noises become louder, lights become brighter, my entire sensory perceptions change and each new input is painful. I become a raving bitch. (Oddly, the same thing happens when I go to long without eating.)


What do my fellow introverts relate to? What have those wacky extroverts among you observed?

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