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You say you want an Evolution? [A Biggish Idea #5]

Hello, and welcome to 'A Biggish Idea'. In this edition we'll hit on some other people who's toes we're stepping on and discuss what happens when we share this with the third world (as we must!)

This is part 5 in a series. The previous articles (conveniently in order!) are:

  1. Building a better life within a Co-OperNation (contains a rundown on the whole plan and a quick FAQ)
  2. Let's make MondraGoogleValve, but better. (Here we start the creation of a framework using existing corporations and motivational science)
  3. Supply Chain Manglement. (Next, we separate ourselves from the pack by using supply chain takeover to make rapid expansion the path of least resistance)
  4. Peoplespheres: A different look at options (We use science to turn one of our greatest flaws into an advantage and offer up a rare vision in which you don't have to follow some old dead guy's dream. . you get your own)

When we had last left off we'd morphed a small skunkworks type corporation into a very easy to recruit for collection of independent corporate campuses scattered over the globe that offer up dozens of different very customized lives for a very common sort of person in exchange for some pretty impressive productivity. We've even added education and let's also assume we've got nursing care and the rest as well. We've got more than enough excess productivity at this point to start hiring families and taking care of people when they need it.

Better us than somebody who's less well motivated, right?

We're really not a corporation anymore, are we? We're already talking about some strange sort of modern-day distributed nation-state-type-thing. It looks a BIT like some other ideas out there but the moment you start digging that all kind of falls apart.


We already hit on the fact that we're infringing on some other territory. . . that of the people who want to break away from the world and create new lives for themselves and those who think like them. We're kind of talking everything from that little group of people who want to go homestead somewhere to The Venus Project to . .well. . America.

I think we have already done a nice job of peeling away from the pack by turning it from a one-size-fits-all package deal like the rest to something that's designed to embrace our variety and relinquish control. I lost track of how many times I tried to join some group who seemed to have a similar vision only to find out that it seemed like every group of rebels wanted everyone to wear the same jacket.


There was one other painfully common problem. Who here's heard of the Beatles?

When I was younger I never really knew the lyrics to this song or what it meant. I just thought it was a pro-revolution thing. . . you know, from those hippie times.

But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you have to wait


So. . yeah, I ran into that too. A LOT. I'd find some group preaching love and acceptance and find out there's some special group from 'The Man' to the top X% to foreign meddling to . . GAH!

You can't talk about saving humanity with one hand while refusing to treat some special part of humanity like humans!


Sorry. . I just really, really hate that. It's fundamentally wrong on so many levels.

But that's okay, we're going to use that to our advantage too! (Okay, I'm better now. Rant over)


So anyway. Yes, we're technically something like one of those revolutionary things at this point . .except.

  • We only want people who want to join us
  • We don't need people to leave anything, we can just use our corporation as supplemental citizenship.
  • Nobody needs to or gets to fight anybody.
  • We humanize everybody. All of the humans.
  • We're not stuck to some particular patch of dirt.
  • We're not taking their resources and using them to oppress other people or start wars.
  • We're doing this inside a legal construct that the min/maxer in me finds abusively powerful (It's like Civilization, except you don't need a military and are practically untargetable, each of your average people produces like a great citizen, and you can steal everybody else's coolest people)
  • We're not telling anybody who doesn't join us what to do.
  • We are allowing people to customize their worlds around them.
  • If somebody repeatedly doesn't get the point, we can fire them.

So . . . we're really nothing like them either. We're not a revolution, I honestly don't even like the word. It implies conflict that we don't need to create.


Speaking of that word I won't use anymore. . . we've been designing this from a VERY Western perspective, haven't we?

What could somebody else do with it? Somebody who doesn't have nearly as much to unlearn? Somebody like Kelvin Doe?


If you haven't seen it already, the linked article and video are excellent. . . but in summary the kid lives somewhere that gets electricity a few days a month and got it in his head that he wanted to be a DJ. Seriously, who does that?


Reader's Digest version: He wasn't bullied, people in his village treated him with respect, he enriched his whole village and is now known as DJ Focus.

THAT is your new competition, folks.

Aren't you glad I set up that expansion bit earlier? Because otherwise we'd all be fighting to join a third-world revolution. Even at this stage this would be positively dangerous in their hands.


And we have a moral obligation to share it with them, don't we?

As a bonus, our possible employee base of 'people who would be willing to be nice to each other and put forth a little effort in exchange for peace and enrichment' to a couple of billion. That's a very good things. A mind is a mind after all, we're foolish if we think we're the only ones who can have good ideas.


Besides, we do have something even young Kelvin would struggle to compete with . . . children that are raised by our educators.

Next up: Roads less traveled and problems uncreated.

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