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A Biggish Idea: Creating a better life within a Co-operNation

As a disclaimer, this is REALLY hard to go through as a big wall of text and this isn’t my thing. There’s no question in here that I can’t address and while there’s a lot of emphasis on positivity I’m about as anti-Woo as they come (Call me a skeptical optimist) , instead that’s just key part of the collective mind hack that makes this thing work on the inside and very difficult to compete with from the outside.

The Dr. Who bit is mostly done (I’m just juggling around story elements) and already with the articles below and the story as it’s written so far (it’s a quick read) there should be enough pieces for somebody to run with it if I get run over by a tree or something. I wouldn’t mind help and would love to run into somebody who’s got better marketing/communication skills than I do.

Until then, I’ll just keep on working on getting better at explaining something that’s a smidge too big to prototype and demonstrate.

At this point Doctor Who and the Rightly Broken Rule is already complete enough that if you’re at all a fan then that’s by far the best place to start. . . the section below is just walking through some of the details but I’ve come to realize it helps to have a solid vision on top of the plan.


Let’s imagine a future perhaps five years from now. Ten at the most.

In this future . . . wherever you are . . . you can walk up to a building and choose a new life.


You have to raise the bar a little. . . act like a civilized adult, be nice to people, and do useful things. Nothing fancy, and certainly nothing your average grade schooler can’t manage. For you it’s probably easy.

You just have to want to be like Kaylee and/or Wash. You don’t have to BE like them, not yet. . . but you have to want to be better, gentler, kinder, more skillful, and generally represent us humans well.

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In exchange, you get to live surrounded by other people who want to be the same sort of lovely.


And you get options.

Do you want to live in a bunch of underground hobbit homes, use a consensus system to resolve conflicts and manage resources, and make amazing video games and other forms of entertainment for everybody to enjoy? That’s an option.


Do you want to live in ultra-modern skyscraper where everybody has wearable holodecks, where you use doubloons to buy treasures, and your voting system looks more like Netflix? That’s an option too.


Do you want to serve the world outside? Providing aid to those in need and recruiting others to join by being a living example of the sort of person is personified within? Also an option.

Do you want to help them grow so they can invite even MORE people? Do you want to be the buffer between those people who are too lovely for this world and the madness of the 24 hour news cycle? They’re always looking for more.


Do you want to create something new? A new type of government, a new sort of place to live, or a new thing to do? If you can gather at least 42 others to join you. . . that just became an option too. Good idea!

How did they do this? They did this inside a corporation. They made joining a new civilization your job.


This corporation can have any name you want. I call it Awesome, Incorporated, but I’m biased towards all things awesome.


How do we make this happen? It’s easier than you think . . . you just need to think way outside the box and min/max the world.

As unlikely as it sounds, this is completely plausible and realistic. The timeline is viable and possibly understated a bit if anything. It doesn’t require some magical enlightenment or for people to suddenly decide to start a revolution. In fact there’s no revolution at all, it’s just a whole bunch of people getting a better job offer and taking it.


Until I’ve got all the pieces assembled in a more easily digestible (or get some help) you’ve got a fun story, a cool tech toy that is orders of magnitude better for the environment than anything you’ve likely heard described as ‘green’, and a semi-rambling string of short articles (below) to get things started.


Who wants to be happy?

A whole bunch of people, right?

In fact, that’s not even a good question. The real question is who wants a whole lot less reasons to NOT be happy.


Sure, we all have our down moments, but when push comes to shove a good number of us would really rather be having a great time, act like dorks, and do amazing, useful things and not get told to stop when we’re on a roll.

This idea is for those of us who’d thrive in a situation where everyone around them is expected to behave like civilized adults, use their most powerful and dangerous tool (their brains) responsibly, have a whole lot of fun when it’s not, and generally try to spread the awesome.


That doesn’t mean we don’t have vacations and need our private time, it just means when we’re interacting with anyone else, we’re not ruining anyone else’s day and we’re hopefully brightening up the room a bit.

What if we could change everything by having more fun? With Science(tm)!

There are a lot of us. . . but we’re all kind of trapped by a sort of birth lottery where luck determines our station in life, how few options we have, what government we contribute to, what economic system we use, how we’re educated, and so on. It’s like a really bad game of Monopoly where by the time you join the game somebody else has all the properties.


Let’s try a new game, it’ll be fun!

Part 2 (done!)

Let’s make MondraGoogleValve, But Better

Here we’ll be using some existing corporations that don’t suck (Valve, Mondragon, and Google) for a foundation and going a bit into the sciences of motivation and happiness and their impact on productivity.


Part 3 (done!)

Supply Chain Manglement

This is where we start to have fun. we’ll set these guys loose taking over parts of their own supply chain and set them up not to master one tiny little market or part of the world. . . but to expand as rapidly and enthusiastically as possible.


Part 4 (done!)

PeopleSpheres: A Different Look at Options

Here we’ll about using corporate campuses as Charter Cities and turn the ever-present scourge of Dunbar’s number into a good thing by customizing our lives based not on bringing out the average in us but on meshing small groups that share similar passions and goals and standards and exist within a mutually agreed upon system of self governance.


Part 5 (done!)

You Say You Want an Evolution?

In this step we talk about a few other groups we’re starting to resemble and we explore what happens if we take this idea into the third world.


Part 6 (done!)

Roads less traveled and problems uncreated

There are a few important things we haven’t discussed . . . this is where we handle politics, religion, economics, voting systems, resource distribution, jerks, and much more!


Part 7 (done!)

Awesome, Incorporated

Next we weave it all together and create a corporation designed to gather resources as quickly as possible. . exploiting the rich by humanizing them.


Everything after this is just a bunch of different options and a story.

Everything from here down will be a sort of a summarized F.A.Q. on whatever comes up a lot when I talk about this or isn’t going to be part of the above documents.

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