I just recently started seeing a guy, nothing official, but neither one of are dating anyone else. We've been on 3 dates so far. I really like the guy, but I did something I now regret, something I normally would never do....I Googled him(hold my head down in shame). And it turned up a somewhat questionable background.

I won't specify his profession on the off chance he's a Crosstalk reader also. When I Googled his name I turned up info that shows a suspension (1 year) from the state licensing board(Oregon) 10+ years ago. It wasn't anything illegal, just unethical.

Here are my questions:

1. Was I wrong to Google a prospective mate?

2. Would I be overreacting if I let his suspension affect what I think of them?

3. Would you ever let them know you found out about the suspension. if so, when/how would you go about letting them know? Before you're officially BF/GF, or wait until after you become a couple?

I really like this guy, and can see it going further. But I'm just a bit weary about the ethical circumstances surrounding the suspension.