I am following up on this post about fucking Williams-Sonoma. I went to Williams-Sonoma and bought this for my mom because I'm visiting her this weekend and wanted to buy something. I had to because it was all so glorious.

But I also saw this and am contemplating buying themI told the saleswoman that it's just me and my cat and how could I justify it? She said, "Cats like Easter too." She also thought that cats like bunnies. She's not wrong there.

So wise. I love these plates so much. Fuck. GET IN MY HOUSE, PLATES.


I mean, look at this shit. The Robin's Egg? The Nightingale? All drawn by pencil and nicely fucking smudged and dashed off? I mean, fuck. These are glorious. It's like a fucking basket of Martha Stewart approved backyard chicken eggs. But even better. Kind of like eggs from old school Winnie the Pooh.

Man, fuck.