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A clarification

One thing I don't mind when commenting on Gawker is when the replies to my comment become more popular than my statement. I can sense the popular sentiment of the website, and I'd like to think [most likely erroneously] that I could adopt the persona of the popular spirit to improve the ranking of my comments (self-condolence of middling commenters everywhere). I'm not afraid to state my opinion and open myself for attack by declaring I'm white or admitting potential racism, as I just did.

My use of the word "normal" and "disregard" was inappropriate because it just discards the entirety of India, 17% of the world, as woman-hating mutilators when I imagine not even a sliver of a percentage point would ever do such a thing. Really, what I was responding to was Neetzan Zimmerman's priming of the reader to interpret this violence as some kind of dark trend and not something that has existed since before the time of social media. Social media, the use of computers, and technology in general is wrongly interpreted as an advancement in civilizations when in fact it extends the poles of creation and destruction. A protest could be organized on Twitter just as easily as a riot or a lynching and partisanship shouldn't be applied to the medium itself. Mr. Zimmerman exploited this misconceived contrast between the use of Facebook and boiling water to stir up the viewers, but I have not seen anyone calling him a racist for constructing false narratives.


And that is fine; I made my bed and will now lie in it, even though in real life I don't make my bed nor do I own one. To improve the quality of my replies I will be adopting these commenting resolutions for 2014:

a. Not use 'I' so many times. It makes me sound self-centered. Which I am.

b. Stop objectifying men so much. This must be the second thread in as many days my account has been hacked by my underutilized libido.

c. Stop replying to every article. One must save one's funny juice to make the biggest impact.

d. Post more on Crosstalk.

And who is Kuinton Raj? An Indian commenter who has accused me of racism on several India-related threads, and several more times in the future to be sure. This one's dedicated to you, Kuinton. That is all.

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