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Written in Ink
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A clarification of the record

So I finished the book, am in final rewrites, and I started working on my next project. I needed to go through the coverage, and I ran across Magister's posts.

I have no idea what order anything happened in. I am certain that Magister's memory is rarely fallible, and I probably did accidentally publish halfway through and retract because I totally do that. Also Kinja sucked and I think I may have meant to publish to me and done it here? Not sure, there's like a whole month that I nearly don't remember there. Kind of all went crazy at once, and everyone forgets I was still working that whole fucking time. I'm surprised I could type by the time I finally went offline to sleep some.


You guys are pretty fantastic. And I need your help. I'm working on a project that I do need a timeline for, among other comment-related data, and I just can't go through all the comments on the Internet. So if you can/will help, please email me at bootstrapindustries @ gmail.

I miss this place, guys. I hope you're all well.

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