Boehner’s conundrum is this: He knows that most polling shows Republicans will take the blame for a shutdown. But, he also knows that if he gives in and/or is perceived by cast-iron conservatives as giving in, his speakership is all but over. (You could argue Boehner’s speakership has been on the ropes for some time now. But passing a continuing resolution to keep the government running with a slew of Democratic votes would amount to a death blow.)

If he cuts a deal — literally, any deal — Boehner is effectively signing his own political death certificate (or damn close). If he doesn’t cut a deal, he runs the very real risk of watching a political climate that should be conducive to Republican gains in 2014 shift against the GOP, as it becomes the symbol of the blockade in Washington that many voters are sick of.

They then ask rhetorically, how Boehner would come out if the shutdown lasts three days.

I'm of the school that thinks if the government does shut down, the debt ceiling vote will get wrapped up in the negotiations and it will be almost the seventeenth before anyone gives.

Though it's still not too late and the Speaker's love of country could win over his career.