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A Couple of Gawker Unionization Stories

As one might imagine, there are quite a few stories about the Gawker vote.
Here are a few via Twitter.

A lot of the stories I’m finding are just a couple of paragraphs recycling a quote or two from some of the previous post. The following Wired story was published before the vote, but it does have some history and maybe a couple of original points.


While it isn’t really about the unioniztion vote, Matthew Ingram’s Fortune story about the tiff between Joel and Nick with his thoughts on Kinja are also worth note. Ingram has sort of become the modern Felix Salmon, in that he’s the journalist who often covers Gawker.

And though it links to the same Fortune story: nice pic.


If I run across any more that I think are of note, I’ll stick them in the comments and if anyone else does, I hope they’ll create their own post or add them to the comments below.

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