Written in Ink
Written in Ink

This is the best animation of a motor protein, ever.

You other molecular motor fans are with me, right?

And did the rest of you know you had zillions of these little guys inside you? Right now?


You are what they and and their DNA/RNA parents have used to expand from the sea hidden inside little bubbles that contains their optimized version of an atmosphere. You’re the opposite of their submarine.

To them, you are their Lumbering Juiceship.

I’m not coming out of nowhere on the awesomeness of motor proteins or anything. Hank nails the point home nicely, I think.

Of course, motor proteins aren’t the only cool kids on the cellular block, and there is a slim chance I missed a great animation out there, right?



What’s your favorite molecular motor?

What’s the second best animation of one out there?

Lastly (optional), if you had to give a name to a motor protein you were on an adventure with, what would it be?


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