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I’m home today, recovering from anesthesia. I’m still pretty groggy even though it was yesterday, so I spent the day flipping between MSNBC, CNN and - truth be told - Shawn of the Dead on Comedy Central. I will never again spend the day flipping between MSNBC and CNN.

A sample of what I saw:

Ashleigh Banfield asking a city councilman to apologize for saying that the mayor using the word “thug,” might has well have been using the word,”nigger.” -covered on Gawker


A reporter showing a recorded piece on his Baltimore, where he drove through some of his favorite parts of the city.

Endless talk of the empty baseball park for the upcoming game.

A reporter starting off by once again apologizing for comments she said yesterday in which she stated that veterans returning home and joining the police force is part of the problem.

Numerous reporters interrupting people talking about poverty and lack of opportunity for black children to ask if they condemn the looting.

Russell Simmons being introduced as founder of the Rush Card (predatory check card marketed to low income people) and then talking about the lack of opportunity for low income people.


Live coverage of an empty baseball park along with a viewer poll asking whether or not people should have been allowed to attend the game.

And finally, something that almost made it all worth it. The same chastised city councilman being interviewed later on MSNBC only at this point wearing a batman graphic shirt.

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